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Role Of Content In Site Optimization

While a lot of emphasis is placed on site layout, keyword matching and word frequency in terms of site optimization for search engines, little attention is paid to the role content has to play in those rankings. The fact of the matter is that the content of your webpage can have a far greater role … Read more →

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Types of Stock Photos

The best thing about buying royalty free is that there are a wide variety of categories of photographs available to you. Whether you have a blog that you need quick photos for, you’re creating a business website that needs a professional touch, or you cannot take the high quality of photographs for whatever use you’re … Read more →

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Author Platform, the Tool to Get You Noticed in a Busy World

So you have published your manuscript, had it evaluated, run over it with a fine-toothed comb, and put everything into it. But apparently, no one will take it on. Why?Your story is captivating, your framework is well structured, your style is unique, and your writing is clear. What more do these publishers want? Read more →

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