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Over the last few years, the public awareness has been taken hold of by the issues regarding sustainability. Just like other processes in industries, printing takes in energy and resources and later releases waste as by products. In this matter need to reduce the consequences of the procedures and ensure a sustainable digital printing is maintained will be worth of putting in mind.

The printing industry has come under scrutiny to adopt practices that are environmentally friendly especially as the buyers are becoming shrewd about giving support to suppliers and providers of services who have been eyeing on sustainability. The electronic media is now considered to be more sustainable than both the print and paper hence helping to continue in driving the attention away from it.

A point to put into consideration when it comes to production process is that neither digital nor offset can claim the utmost environment friendly. Offset has struggled to clean up its results of hazardous chemicals and cutting down the production of waste yet still the digital still can raise issues regarding some of the consumables involved especially the inkjet which has concerns on its ability to be recycled. In fact most forms of printing have an impact on issues that concern the environment.

The digital technology has a lead in having a better place of removal of waste, disposing consumed paper at production and having the capacity to economically print only enough for interested recipients. This differs with the bulk print and issue approach of conventional that sees many prints going into waste.

In the past few years, environmental issues had been a matter of meeting the terms of laws and regulations of land. This has currently changed in various aspects as government interventions has failed to keep up with demands of the public, its customers and their requirements that have seen the industry channeling to environmental sustainability.

For a very long time the printing industry has been accused on issues concerning the environment. The printers for a long time as a result of solvent emission has had to comply with regulations on environment, contamination of ground water by effluent, waste paper among various other products that involve composite industrial chemicals and metals that are toxic that in most cases are collected and taken to plants that provide specialized treatment.

A survey that was done in March 2011 to find out peoples opinion on whether digital printing was environmental friendly over the conventional one resulted out that, most people perceived the digital one being environmentally friendlier. Most chose it due on the case that it prints the required amount only.

While sustainability is often a reaction to the requirements of these client it can also be proactively used to differentiate one business from another. The emerging business trends which are mainly based on models of going green may provide a return on investment that was not expected through operations that are more efficient. A sustainable operation is in most cases always an efficient procedure.

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