Author Platform, the Tool to Get You Noticed in a Busy World

So you have published your manuscript, had it evaluated, run over it with a fine-toothed comb, and put everything into it. But apparently, no one will take it on. Why?Your story is captivating, your framework is well structured, your style is unique, and your writing is clear. What more do these publishers want?

The buzzword going around in the publishing world at the moment is ‘platform’. The author platform.

Existing authors have them, most new authors have them, and even many of the publishing employees themselves have them! So what is an author platform and what makes it so important?A platform is how you can get seen in a noisy world. It is a prominent level you are promoting yourself on to provide yourself with a name.

Think of it as the soapbox of the new age. Your way of getting your name out there into the community, and becoming more popular. This can be done mostly through digital outlets such as writing a blog, developing a Facebook or Tumblr web page devoted to your subject, or a Twitter page. But also through physical events such as demonstrations, presentations and speeches.

Here’s an example. A friend of mine is completing the first draft of her first novel and trying to have it looked at by an agent. However, no one is paying any attention to her as she has no prior experience, and has never before sold a best seller. She is a ‘risk’ to the publishing house.

She is taking it upon herself to be noticed in this noisy world.

She works as a nurse and the theme of her first novel revolves around mental illness. Therefore she has set herself up on a weblog which focuses on mental illness in order to reach out to a community who may be interested in her story. People who are showing enthusiasm about her subject are also expressing interest in purchasing her book when it is finished.

Now, when she finishes the manuscript and submits it to an agent or publisher, she is armed with a list of people who are interested in buying her book. This takes an enormous amount of risk away from the publisher, as with her being an ‘unknown’, they may have no one interested in her story, and they could waste a lot of time and money on publishing her work. So for them, knowing that she has a potential ‘client base’ and an author platform, her manuscript is looking so much more appealing!

If you would like to learn more about creating an author platform or even novel writing go to Unique version for reprint here: Author Platform, the Tool to Get You Noticed in a Busy World.

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