Electronic Publishing And How Do I Get A Childrens’ Book Published

Writing for children is extremely fun, creative and rewarding. Seeing ideas, characters and stories come to life in living color is energizing and inspiring. While the book may be the next best seller the question for many authors is how to market and publish their work. It can become a daunting and overwhelming process for those not yet familiar with publishing. Many may ask how do I get a childrens book published?

Research is key to understanding how the traditional publishing world works. In the past authors submitted their work to publishing houses who rejected or accepted their work. If they were rejected the only option was to continue to offer the work to other publishers.

Today the publishing market has changed. This is due mainly to the added reluctance of publishing houses to take chances on unknown authors, along with the rapid pace of change within the electronic publishing industry. Many children’s authors have simply decided to publish their own works, using the many opportunities available to them through online book sellers. The Internet now offers access to a mass market of readers.

Book sellers now offer independent author pages, and offer consumers quick and easy payment, download and reading options. This was not always the case, but now that booksellers have made buying, and instant access to books so easy and available it has resulted in a publishing boom. With this boom has also come a growing electronic audience, and opportunities for self marketing like never before.

The added benefit to electronic publishing is the intimate type of connection authors can develop with readers. Readers leave reviews, and authors can personally answer their reviews in a way not previously possible. Traditionally, book signings, events and special appearances were the closest thing to this.

With the Internet comes social networking and online groups and clubs. Online booksellers also offer opportunities for authors to connect with readers through their professional author pages. Authors are now able to benefit from constructive criticism, reader opinions and reviews. Reader messages can also be delivered to author cell phones, via online connections. Authors can also establish a professional presence with book release parties, special events and by incorporating the help of other authors.

They can plan marketing campaigns that include sales, special giveaways, contests, trivia questions about their books, or other fun reader activities. Social networking and the Internet also opens doors of opportunity to connect with other industry writers, and offers the ability to network, and share experiences. Some self publishing authors go on to publish their work through traditional publishers and become so successful at self publishing they simply continue this avenue of publishing.

Once upon a time self publishing authors went into agreements with printers to publish a certain number of books. This meant they became their own marketing agent to bookstores. Today that is no longer necessary. Print on demand, which only prints the amount of books sold, and works in conjunction with online booksellers, offers much greater control. Children’s authors can now sell their work both electronically and in print, with the convenience of online publishing shipping their books. Authors no longer have to ask the question how do I get a childrens book published.

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