Modern And Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

The simple and affordable elegance of lace makes lace wedding dresses ever popular.

Lace wedding dresses go all the way back to Victorian times though touches of lace were often added to wedding dresses before then. It’s the tiny details in the lace that make the fabric so attractive. It’s hard to match the elegance and femininity of lace, especially when worn by a bride.

Whether you choose a classical, vintage style or a modern style, you’ll find that lace has a timeless fashion that will thrill you when you look at your wedding photographs many years from now.

Picture yourself walking slowly up the aisle, your veil delicately fastened to your carefully styled hair, your train flowing gently behind you as you seem to float along in your lace wedding dress.

Lace makes any bride look radiant, it adds beauty and the serenity that comes with beauty, and you will look like a princess in your lace wedding dress.

Your entrance should have the effect of stunning the guests into silence or hushed whispers of admiration, so enter slowly. Pause for a deep breath outside if you feel the need. Your escort up the aisle, perhaps your father, should wear dark clothes to enhance the contrast with your lace wedding dress.

Lace wedding dresses can be found in both modern and vintage styles. Some brides even search out genuine vintage wedding dresses. You must choose whether to wear something traditional and modest or modern and more sophisticated. Allow your true personality to shine through here. Don’t wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, though do be sure to pick a wedding dress that flatters your face and figure. The camera can be very unkind!

Some modern lace is stiff and scratchy. Older lace, or new lace made of natural materials is soft and flexible. It moves with you.

If the holes in the lace are very big, be careful not to move too quickly or you’ll tear the dress. This is more common in vintage wedding dresses. Vintage wedding dresses were made before nylon was invented, so they are softer but can be more fragile than the modern ones. Be wary of lace at the seams inside a modern dress, as these can chafe if made of nylon or other stiff fabric.

Many genuine vintage wedding gowns have seldom been worn so, if professionally cleaned, will often look like new. Don’t be afraid to consider a dress that a woman has found joy in wearing before you. You might even pass it on to someone else in future!

Not every bride can find, or wants, a truly vintage dress but vintage-style wedding dresses are also popular. Vintage-style dresses may be made from man-made fiber or old-fashioned lace made from natural materials.

The more lace in the wedding dress, the grander and more opulent it looks. Even the plainest of dresses can be transformed with lace.

Lace can be added to any part of the dress. The lace may be cover the whole dress, or just be on the bodice or the skirt. It might be that you prefer to have lace just on the sleeves or at the throat. No matter which you choose, it’s certain to look charming.

Lace can also be used to embellish the veil, the gloves and even the shoes.

Your lace wedding gown can have beautiful detail with sequins and beading on the skirt or possibly just round the waist. Other embellishments are perhaps pearls with maybe a rhinestone flower at the waistline.

Many dresses have optional straps and some even have an embroidered wrap. Although you will probably have a zipper to the waist line, a corset tie in the back allows for perfect sizing. You can get lace wedding dresses with cap sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves or no sleeves at all.

Lace dresses often need a petticoat slip to enhance them and a crinoline slip gives fullness, but be careful if dancing at the wedding reception after the ceremony.

Lace wedding dresses are commonly available in white, ivory, pink, red and other popular colors. Although mostly conservative and ladylike, they can also be very girlie.

The lace wedding dress you most want, whether modern or vintage, will give you happiness for more than one day. You will remember that day and that dress for as long as you live. So choose well!

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