Promoting Your Business Using Article Marketing

A few years back article marketing was really big. Everyone was using article networks to create SEO friendly content and generate tons of traffic and leads. However over the past 5 years things have changed a lot. No longer are article networks as effective for SEO as before. But in this article we’ll talk about how you can still get targeted traffic to your websites and blogs.

It’s no secret that content is everything, the more content you have online the more chances you have of people finding your content. Content can be in the form of videos, blogs and articles.In this care there are still many popular article networks that still generate a ton of traffic online. Some examples are, and you can find many others by searching on Google.

We also recommend that as soon as you finish writing and submitting your article to one of the top 5 article directories out there that you share your article everywhere. Sharing on social media sites might help you get the initial boost of traffic needed to get featured on the homepage of your article directory. Usually the more traffic you get in the first 48 hours the more chances you get of getting features.

Create bridges between your articles and any other content you might have. For example adding a link to a video, blog or even another article will help you move that visitor to check out more of your content. If visitors like and enjoy your content they’ll be more likely to subscribe to your newsletters or even buy something from you.

If you have the resources you can outsource your article writing, there are tons of places to hire people to write articles. With some hard work and patience you can take advantage of the massive popularity of some of these directories and use it to build your own source of targeted traffic on demand.

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