Rain Boots And Rain Shoes

Rain boots and rain shoes are waterproof footwear which are designed to keep your feet dry in the wettest of conditions. We’ll concentrate here on the more fashionable kind of boots and shoes for women, suitable for rainy days in both the city and the country. We’ll leave the more specialized types for farmers and fishermen!

Rain boots have come a long way since they were first made for the Duke of Wellington. His boots were knee-high waterproofed leather and a similar style has been purloined by many modern women. Boots made of leather, or mostly of leather, can be a little on the expensive side for something that is going to be used for puddle-hopping. Leather can also be difficult to dry and clean when you get home.

Less expensive (and more colorful) rain boots for women, and rain shoes, too, are generally made out of rubber. There are different mixes of rubber, so make sure you don’t end up wearing something cheap and brittle that cracks if it touches ice. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality, though. Furthermore, expensive doesn’t always mean good quality; you often pay extra for the brand name.

When choosing between rain boots and rain shoes, you have to consider not only the style you require but also comfort and how the footwear fits you. It’s true that smart rain shoes are available that can be worn at any formal occasion, from business meetings to weddings. Some women also find shoes more comfortable than boots for driving. In the end, it will come down to personal preference.

In recent years, women’s rain boots have become high fashion items. Photographs of celebrities wearing colorful boots and skipping happily through puddles has raised the profile of what used to be dreary and boring footwear.

Women of all ages have happily taken to wearing the bright colors and patterns that are now available. Of course, not everyone wants to wear the more gaudy colors when dressed for business, but these days there is less formality.

Old-fashioned drab and dreary rain boots are fine for walking to the car or bus, but what about when you get to your destination? Do you really want to appear in a smart mall or store wearing them? You need something that matches your clothes and your personality!

If you love quiet, demure styles or crazy, in-your-face fashions, there will be rain boots or rain shoes to suit you. Don’t feel pressured into selecting footwear that you feel is too flashy but don’t ever feel that you’re too old for the latest styles, either.

Big brands names are pricier, but even if your pocket isn’t deep enough to pay the premium for designer footwear, you needn’t be left out of the latest styles.

Fashion rain boots and shoes come in plain, solid colors, in loud prints, and in animal patterns. Some have humorous pictures or cartoon characters on them. Have a little fun and brighten up the rainy days!

You can even show your patriotism by flaunting your country’s colors or perhaps choose some very chic cowboy (cowgirl?) boots with mid-high heels and pointed toes. If you wish, you can have pictures of your loved ones printed on your rain boots. How’s that for personalization!

Many boots and shoes have a single buckle as an ornament, though sometimes the buckle can actually be used to adjust the fit. That can be useful if you sometimes tuck your pants into your boots and sometimes wear a skirt.

Comfort is essential in any footwear but especially in rain boots or rain shoes. Cushioned insoles are a must if you will be on your feet all day or are a little on the plus size.

Your feet can get quite hot in waterproof footwear so look carefully at the linings that are available in your chosen style. Fleece or wool linings are very popular and, although warm, they do allow some air to circulate around your feet. Some linings have anti-bacterial properties and these can help to prevent fungal infections.

You can also wear comfortable socks if you find the lining uncomfortable, possibly even two pairs with a thin, cotton inner pair inside a woolen outer pair. The advantage of wearing two pairs of socks is that there is movement between the inner and outer pairs which helps to prevent chafing and blisters.

The length of your rain boots is as important to your comfort as it is to your style. Short lengths might not keep out splashes as much as you might wish but longer lengths might chafe if too loose or too tight around your calves.

Accessories are available for rain boots and rain shoes, some of them useful and some of them just for fun. Small pouches that fasten round the top of your boot and can contain your keys or cell phone are fairly cheap. Rubber spurs that play an electronic jingle, or even flash colored lights, make an interesting addition to cowboy-style boots.

Who cares if it’s raining? Have fun!

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