Sci Fi Novels Entertain And Challenge

The ideas in sci fi novels often come from the cutting edge developments in medicine, technology and other spheres. They are presented in such a way that they challenge the reader to look at change and what it could mean but at the same time the stories are intriguing and entertaining. Unfamiliar scenarios lift us above our daily concerns and carry us away. At the same time, they can change the way we think about our world.

Authors often get ideas from the cutting edge of biological and genetic research, writing about topics like cloning, humans with enhanced abilities and breeding of humans as organ donors. This all happens in unfamiliar settings and often changes the way we look at the world.

Apocalyptic scenarios are often a theme in these books. For example, you can read about humanity suffering for its transgressions against nature and being brought to its knees. We all speculate about the future and books like this often play out different scenarios of what could take place. Many of them show a world that loses its way and ends in tragedy but others offer solutions to our problems like disease and pollution.

With all the technology that surrounds us and the astonishing developments on a daily basis, it is no wonder that this offers up some great ideas. Isaac Asimov was one of the first to write about robots in such a way as to expose the many implications of artificial intelligence.

The boundaries between genres today are becoming less rigid. For example, sometimes it is hard to draw the line between science fiction and fantasy. Genres often draw from one another too. For example, a book about time travel can also be a crime novel with a serial killing time traveler as the main character. A book about another universe can include a romance and a fantasy world may contain inventions that are scientifically believable.

Reading these books does help us to think about changes that might occur in our world but they are also a great form of escapism. We are lifted away from our daily problems into other universes and worlds that are described in intricate detail. H. G. Wells was one of the authors who succeeded in doing this and Jules Verne was another.

The books being written now cover a vast array of topics. There is still a place for those novels about aliens, outer space and robots as many people still enjoy reading these. However, our minds are now being exposed to a whole new range of interesting possibilities by new authors.

A huge variety of science fiction books are available today, many from internet stores. E-book versions are also available. If buying from an internet store, reading reviews written by fans can whet your appetite and help you decide what to buy. If you are already an avid fan constantly looking for new books, new ones are being published constantly and are usually categorized together on a site so they can easily be found. Even if you have never considered reading this genre before, it is worth browsing through the descriptions of the books on offer and see if one appeals to you.

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