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What To Know About Professional Transcription

Businesses and people alike often know how time can mean money in the scheme of things, which is why some may hire professionals to help them out as much as possible. This happens to be the case where typing is involved, which some people may not have the time or ability to handle on their own. As a result, some may choose to hire a professional transcription service to assist them and to help them save time and potentially money as well. Read more →

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Indie Publishing Companies Help Authors And Readers

Many believe independent presses or small presses are an interchangeable title for printing various original works, which is often true. Almost one half of all publishers of books and nearly a third of magazines are produced by this type of industry press around the world. They are often referred to as indie publishing companies and they only print limited-edition books, mostly poetry anthologies, genre fiction and niche fiction and non-fiction books of various styles. They could also run small prints of specialty magazines. Read more →

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Useful Guide In Writing Poems Of Inspiration

A poem can talk about anything and everything under the sun from love or money, life, pets, school or any other topics of the poet’s choice. Coming up with a good poem can be as easy as sipping a cup of brewed coffee or can be as difficult as climbing a mountain when the ideas run out. Here are some practical tips on writing poems of inspiration that any aspiring or veteran writer can consider. Read more →

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