The Best Freezer Refrigerator To Buy

There are only a few simple choices to make when deciding which is the best freezer refrigerator for you: the amount you plan to spend, the available space you have set aside for your freezer refrigerator and whether you prefer a top freezer, a bottom freezer or the freezer and refrigerator side by side.

These decisions are not unconnected, as you will find when we explore your options. The side-by-side freezer refrigerators take up more room and are more expensive to purchase but have the advantage of being more convenient to use. However, convenience must sometimes give way to constraints of space and budget. Read on!

The Top Freezer Refrigerator

The most common way of cooling refrigerators and freezers is known as the “chill from the top” method. Because of this, most freezer refrigerators have been constructed with the freezer compartment on top. This allows for cheaper production and so reduces the retail price to the user. Another advantage of this method of cooling is that children are more able to serve themselves from the lower shelves in the refrigerator.

However, because the refrigerator (or “fridge”) tends to be used more often than the freezer, we find that adults, who use the refrigerator the most, have to stoop to get at the shelves. The necessity of constantly having to stoop can be problematical for tall people, the elderly and those with back pain.

The Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The bottom freezer refrigerator was developed in response to these complaints and it is designed so that the fridge compartment, being the one most frequently used, is placed at the top. This does mean, though, that children and those of restricted height might have some difficulties when reaching for things on the higher shelves.

The Full Height Side-By-Side Freezer Refrigerator

The few complications with the top and bottom freezer refrigerators are resolved with the side-by-side freezer refrigerator which is of full height. A full height side-by-side freezer refrigerator will permit the storage of the most commonly used products at eye level, with the remainder on the other shelves. This applies to both the freezer and the refrigerator.

At first glance, this would appear to be the perfect solution but the full height side-by-side refrigerator freezer has problems of its own. Side-by-side models take up much more space than the bottom freezer and top freezer models and are also more expensive to purchase. The cost of running them is also higher.

Nonetheless, you might be of the opinion that the convenience of having extra storage space with the most commonly used groceries at eye level negates these disadvantages, especially when you consider that full height side-by-side freezer refrigerators often have other assets like a cold drink dispenser or an ice cube dispenser in the door. Using door dispensers has the advantage of saving electricity costs because the freezer door doesn’t need to be opened and there is no loss of cold air.

Of course, ice cube dispensers and chilled drink dispensers are also obtainable on the other freezer refrigerators we have covered, but they do reduce much-needed space inside the smaller units. You have to think very carefully about your family needs before deciding on such a function in a smaller fridge freezer.

The Half Height Side-By-Side Freezer Refrigerator

At the same height of a normal fridge or freezer, the half height side-by-side freezer refrigerator looks like one of each of them standing together. However, it does have the advantage of only needing one power cord and is also cheaper to buy and run. This unit takes up as much floor room as its bigger brother but is less roomy inside. It’s still a popular purchase, though, because it’s cheaper than the full height model and is also easy to fit under kitchen counters.

When it comes to buying a freezer refrigerator, the needs of your home and your budget will make your purchasing decision for you. The cost of purchase and the running costs of freezer refrigerators being less than separate units, they make an excellent choice for any modern household.

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