The Secret Of Lawn Care

The secret of lawn care is little and often. A little work, done often, will have your lawn looking great all the year round.

A good-looking lawn shows off your home, it provides your house with the right setting and tells passers-by that you care. Caring for your lawn in the right way makes all this much easier.

Mowing the lawn regularly helps the grass to keep its color. If you allow the grass to get too long, it’s going to turn yellow when you cut it.


Raking leaves has to be done but do it carefully so that you don’t damage any budding grass shoots. The important thing here is to make sure that all the grass is left uncovered. Otherwise, the grass will die in places, leaving you with bald patches in your lawn.

Cutting The Grass

  • The Hand Mower

    You have to have the right tools. You can’t just let a flock of sheep trim your lawn nor can you just go over it with a scythe in the haymaking season. You need a lawn mower – a good lawn mower. Anything less and you’ll rue the day you got it. For a small lawn, a push-powered mower will be fine. The exercise will do you good.

  • The Power Mower

    If you have a larger lawn or you can do without the exercise, you need a power mower. That goes double if you think that the effort of pushing a mower around will put you off doing the work. The work has to be easy or you won’t do it regularly and your lawn will get out of shape. Electric mowers are cheap, clean and efficient but they are limited by the length of their power lead. Internal combustion engine mowers allow you to get at the out of the way places more easily.

  • The Tractor Mower

    We have to be honest about this, if the effort of wheeling a power mower up and down your lawn is just too much for you, you need a tractor mower. That way, you can sit down while you work. Of course, the riding lawn mower variety is no good in very small gardens but they can be a blessing when used on a large lawn. As a general rule, if it takes you an hour or more to cut the grass, you should consider a tractor mower.

Watering The Lawn

Grass needs water, in fact, grass needs a lot of water. This is something that gardeners often forget during dry spells. A sprinkler system is the best way to deliver water in the necessary quantities if you live in a very dry area. If you don’t want or require a sprinkler system, a hose pipe will serve though you have to do a little more work in this case. Failing all else, a sprinkler can or even a bucket may be usefully employed but that amount of work puts off all but the most determined.


Pushing an aerator over the lawn achieves far more than you can rightfully expect for the work. Aeration increases the nutrients, water and oxygen that get to the roots of your grass. Compacted soil prevents the roots from going deep enough to do their job properly and encourages the run off of water and nutrients. Aeration also helps micro-organisms to break down and decompose thatch. Do it at least once a year in early spring.

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