Tips On How To Self Publish Your Book

Everyone has a story to tell. Some people are lucky enough to be able to tell their story in an engaging way that might inspire or move others. If you’ve always wanted to share your story with others, you may want to learn how to self publish your book.

One of the main reasons why many authors decide to self publish is that it’s so hard to get a publishing contract with an established company. It’s in fact almost impossible if you’re an unknown writer and so, publishing your work yourself is a great way to make a name for yourself and build up a fan base. Moreover, you’ll get to do things on your terms and retain your own publishing rights without having to pay large chunks of the profit to a multi-million dollar company.

If you decide on publishing your book independently, you obviously need to write it first. Ask several people to look at your writing and give you feedback. Then get a professional editor to help you refine the manuscript. Be open to their suggestions, though, and don’t take their criticism as a personal attack. Also budget for a good proofreader to give your manuscript a final check. A book full of mistakes creates a bad impression of your abilities as a writer.

The lay-out is important and needs to be done in such a way that readers will want to keep turning the page. If the pages appeal to the eye, half the battle is won. You also need a cover that will make your book stand out among all the others on the shelf, so invest in the services of a professional, creative designer. It’s best to find one with experience in cover design because he or she will know what readers normally look for.

As the author, you need to keep copyright on your work. If you don’t, anyone can copy pages from the book and pretend that they’ve written these. A copyright lawyer can help you with all the legal red tape. Also get an ISBN for each format that the book will appear in, such as hard cover, paperback or e-book. This number is your book’s identity number.

Once the book is ready for publication, you need to decide how and where you’ll be publishing it. You can have it printed and then distributed to booksellers. It’s also a great idea to have it published online to that people can download it and read it on their e-readers.

Making money from your writing involves more than getting your work on the shelves or online. You also need to market an publicize it. After all, people cannot buy the book if they don’t know that it exists. A professional marketing company can help you if you don’t have the time or skills to do the marketing yourself.

The secret to successful self publishing is not to try and do everything on your own. There are many people with excellent skills in the different aspects of publishing. However, remember that you get what you pay for, so have a budget that is sufficient to pay these people market-related fees for their work.

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