Top Bad Breath Cures

Do friends and colleagues draw back when you lean forward? Do you find yourself trying to catch your breath in the palm of your hand so that you can sniff it? Does your mouth feel stale even though you brushed your teeth less than an hour ago?

Yeah, bad breath stinks! Bad breath, dog breath, halitosis, call it what you will, it puts people off.

The trouble is, how do you know if you suffer from bad breath? The back of your mouth is connected to your nose by an opening near your soft palate. Your nose tends to ignore the smell of your own breath and so it’s very difficult to tell if your breath smells.

The best way to find out if you have breath odor is to ask somebody. Be sure to ask somebody who will tell you the truth. Those close to you might tell a white lie to avoid hurting your feelings. If it’s inconvenient to ask your dentist just now, you could try asking a child. Before they learn tact, young children can be refreshingly honest!

Another way to smell your own breath, if you don’t mind making yourself gag, is to get a clean, dry spoon and gently scrape the very back of your tongue with it. See that white stuff on the spoon? Sniff it. That’s how your breath smells to other people.

If you’re still reading after that then you, or someone close to you, has a bad breath problem!

Oxygen Power!

TheraBreath oxygenating toothpaste with aloe vera, which has been clinically proven by Dr Harold Katz to be effective at the California Breath Clinics, utilizes a microscopic gel formulation to refresh breath and taste. Claimed to attack all types of taste and breath problems, TheraBreath neutralizes bacterially produced volatile sulfur compounds at the source beneath the surface of the tongue where sulfur-producing anaerobic bacteria are found. TheraBreath is also suitable for diabetics.

Tongue Scraper


If you want something more specialized than a spoon to scrape your tongue, you could try the Tongue Sweeper – Model Ti (Titanium). Coming with a lifetime guarantee, this tongue scraper has perfectly rounded edges and is super smooth. Designed for maximum bacteria removal, the Model Ti is made of 100% implant grade, commercially pure titanium which makes it both lightweight and durable.

Gum Care

Gum disease is as unpleasant as it is unhealthy, yet almost four out of five adults suffer from the problem. The Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus rechargeable toothbrush with its contoured brush head to remove plaque along the gum line, is claimed to improve gum health within only two weeks. The patented sonic technology of the Flexcare Plus drives fluid to stimulate gums. A UV brush head sanitizer is also included to kill 99% of select bacteria and viruses.

You owe it to your family, your friends, your colleagues and yourself to make sure your breath is always pleasant and fresh. Start today!

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