Travel Refrigerators – Mini Fridges Are Cool!

Sometimes you need a small refrigerator. It may be that you’re traveling, living in a dorm, require a cooler in a games room or just don’t have the space  for a full-sized fridge in your kitchen. With modern mini refrigerators, you don’t have to run cans of soda under the cold water tap to cool them, you can get a small, quiet fridge suitable for any situation. These little  refrigerators are not only a useful and hygienic way to store drinks, cheeses, medications, etc, they also enhance your surroundings and impress your visitors.

Koolatron Kargo Kooler Mini Travel Refrigerator

The Kargo Kooler from Koolatron is one of a number of 12-volt coolers from the same company. The cooler can be powered from the a car’s cigar lighter socket or from a separate power pack (which must be purchased separately) for use outside the car. The Kargo Kooler does not require ice to work.

The unit can be used vertically like a domestic refrigerator or on its side like a chest freezer. It has two doors which allows easy access to just one part of the fridge, thereby helping to prevent cold air escaping. You might find that this portable refrigerator works best on its side because keeping the cold air inside the unit while the door is open is a problem in fridges of any size.

The Kargo Kooler has two shelves which can be located in various positions inside the refrigerator as shelves or, in the chest position, as separators to divide the fridge into compartments. This is a useful attribute because it can save you having to remove everything to get at the one item you want down at the bottom.

You can expect the temperature inside the refrigerator to be 40 degrees F below the external temperature which makes for pleasantly cold drinks on a hot day. A downside is that there is no temperature control and this could lead to freezing up. For the price, however, it’s a useful little portable fridge.

The unit is 20 inches x 16inches x 14inches in size and weighs 14 pounds. The Kargo Kooler can hold up to 42 x 12-ounce cans and can also be used as a warmer, if needed, to help stop food and drinks getting cold.

Koolatron KWC-25 Coca-Cola 28-Can-Capacity Portable Fridge with LED Display

What can be cooler than Coca Cola? This countertop refrigerator will chill up to 28 cans of your favorite soda. You can adjust the temperature to suit your taste and the LED display lets you know the current temperature inside the fridge. A nifty little lamp illuminates the inside with a soft glow if you want to add a little atmosphere to the room or just plain show off.

This little fridge makes a useful and picturesque addition to any kitchen, den, living room or bedroom.

The unit, which measures 14 3/5ins by 14 1/5ins by 19 4/5 ins, uses a thermoelectric cooling system instead of a compressor and is therefore very quiet in operation. It’s also lightweight, should you feel the need to move it.

Choosing A Mini-Fridge

When choosing your compact or travel refigerator, it’s important to be sure there is enough room inside for all the things you’ll suddenly decide you need. Remember, you’re not buying a full-size domestic refrigerator but a compact fridge. Make sure that you only use it to store essentials, that way you’ll still be able to shut the door.

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