Women’s Plus Size Evening Wear

Don’t starve yourself to fit into that stunning evening dress your skinny friend uses to draw admiring glances. Find your own stunning plus size evening dress and you’ll get just as many admiring glances.

Shop carefully for plus size evening wear, there’s plenty of trendy plus size clothing around if you look for it. Don’t just walk into a plus size women’s clothing store and walk out with the first thing you see hanging on a rack. Get something that fits, don’t try to fit something you get.

With a little time to spare, you can discover both cheap plus size clothing and designer plus size clothing that you love and, which is more important, that loves you. There’s no fun in an evening out if you can’t eat or drink or even sit comfortably. A comfortable woman is a confident woman and confidence helps to bring out your inner beauty.

The most important thing about buying women’s plus size evening wear is to get clothes that fit. If you buy something too big to hide your lumps and bumps, you’ll look like an unmade bed. On the other hand, buy clothes that are too small and you’ll draw attention to the parts you would much rather hide.

Be cheerful and optimistic and you’ll be surprised at what life sends your way. Clothing designers look keenly at the market in these pressing economic times. Gone are the days when you were fobbed off with one-size-fits-all dresses. They didn’t then and they don’t now. All they do is stretch and emphasize. Who needs them?

Properly designed plus size clothing is made so that attention is brought to your best features and any problem areas are downplayed.

Get to know your own shape and then dress accordingly. Not all plus size women are the same shape nor are they all the same height, therefore there’s no point in thinking that if one sort of plus size evening wear looks good on a certain woman, it will also look good on you. It probably won’t.

For example, if your tall friend carries off the look of an elegant outfit worn with flats and you are a little shorter than most, consider wearing heels to get the same outline. The outline counts for much in women’s fashion but for some reason more attention is paid to the frills and falderals.

Your shape is your outline, so let’s get down to basics:

Apple shaped

Your middle is wider than your hips and, possibly, your upper half. The traditional advice given in this situation is to avoid stripes at all costs, whether vertical or horizontal. Fair enough, I suppose, but you might like to consider a dress with diagonal stripes or even a plain dress with a diagonal sash from shoulder to waste. One shoulder dresses can have a similar effect. The real no-no is to avoid fabric that clings. Even good cloth can cling when it’s cut on the bias.

Pear shaped

Your hips are wider than the rest of you. You can tackle this effect by widening your upper half. A wide-topped blouse or jacket, perhaps even with padded shoulders, and a nipped-in waist can help you find a better silhouette. Carry the jacket length past your waist, if necessary, to get that desirable v-shape.

Upside-down pear shaped

This is an easy one. Simply ensure that the skirt of your dress or your separate skirt flairs out a little. Don’t nip in the waist too much.

Straight up and down

Enhance both top and bottom to make the waist look smaller. This can be achieved by a combination of the methods used in both types of pear shapes.

Hourglass shaped

Give yourself some added height by wearing heels. Use long, flowing skirts and vertical stripes with abandon.

In all cases, plus size women should try to put the plumper parts in darker colors than the slimmer ones. It’s generally a good idea to have three-quarter or full-length sleeves with plus size evening wear.

All plus size shapes

Ever considered something exotic like a swirling gypsy skirt with a beautiful blouse? These lovely outfits are also worn in India where the skirt is known as a lehenga and the blouse is called a choli. Dresses in this style are also available if you prefer. In these evening dresses, which come in plus sizes, the choli is usually embellished with elegant embroidery and sequins or beads. The lehenga is full-flowing and often has a bottom span of over 8 feet! The lehenga is worn low on the waist to give you a wonderful silhouette. Drawstrings mean that the waist adjusts for a perfect fit and comfort. You really have to see yourself in one of these amazing creations to fully grasp the effect.

Be adventurous when choosing plus size evening wear. More importantly, have fun!

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