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There are a lot of people who have vocal talents that are worthy of being used to create a career. It may be that they have a speaking tone that soothes, captivates or demands attention, or perhaps they just have a sound that is memorably unique. For many of those in this situation, getting work in voice over commercials might actually be a great option.

In this field, individuals use their vocal abilities to sell products, services or ideas, pass on information, or provide a source of entertainment. This is a career in acting where a person’s physical appearance actually does not matter since it is never shown in the work. The point is to effectively complete the assignment communicating emotions, ambiance or impressions using just speech and sound.

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There are quite a few circumstances and situations in which the performed pieces might be aired. The two most commonly recognized are those used in radio spots and those that provide the audio for television clips. However, they are also heard in the ads that appear on websites, prior to a movie being played and also while one is on hold during a phone call, just to name a few.

Not just anyone can be a success in this field as there are particular qualities and certain skills that must be mastered first. Fine vocals are an obvious requirement but they must be just as good when recorded as when spoken as electronic devices are known to alter some people’s voices. Speaking clearly, especially when using an accent, is an absolute must.

Most people do not realize that it takes a lot more than just a great vocal ability to find success in this career field. In reality, just as film and theater call for a cast of actors with a wide range of looks, auditory spots often requires varied voices. As important as one’s sound is their acting skills because this type of role generally means painting visuals for the audience using only words and inflection.

Narration spots and animation roles, along with commercial work, are the three primary categories of this area of the acting field. The advertising branch of this trio is further divided into the local, regional and national levels of employment. They are equally important and each one will have their own specific requirements along with certain pros and cons.

Jobs on the local level include things like civic organizations and car dealerships that only need to advertise within a small area. Gigs are qualified as regional when they reach a larger broadcast zone that is normally centered around a large city and focusing on more wide spread subjects. National job positions are normally cast through major firms that are located in places like Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles and often only hire actors belonging to unions.

Whichever level an actor decides to focus on, they will need to follow the same general protocols. It starts with hiring reputable vocal and acting coaches to perfect the necessary skills required for most jobs. A quality demo tape is a must and it is mostly a matter of submitting copies of it with a resume’ to as many ad agencies and open calls as possible.

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