Writing The Best New Murder Mystery Books

Mystery usually offers room for variation. Murder is known to be universal and can happen in any setting and anytime. The murder mystery is one of the most popular genres. It features a very exciting cliffhanger with a particular storyline that will leave you wondering and glue to every page. If you love reading murder mysteries and want to attempt yo write your own, then you may consider these tips.

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If you want to become a good writer, it is crucial to read as many stories in this genre as you can to help expand your ideas and knowledge about it. The more ideas you gather, the better. By just reading new murder mystery books or watching any movie, you will be able to gather certain ideas and how murders are solved.

If you are serious about writing and get the permission, it may be an ideal thing to shadow a detective team or ask them how investigations work. Next is to get a notebook intended for your novel or story. You must list down who are your detectives, the reasons why they murdered, who will be murdered, what will they be murdered with, any witness of the killing and the suspects.

Now, next thing to do is to figure out the basics. Think about the basic element of your story. Think on different scenarios. It could be a killing by stabbing, killing on a train, at a house or even serial killings. There are some writers who like to write straight away but this genre of story can get more complicated. Thus, it might be a perfect idea to read all your ideas once again.

Write down specific lines, phrases and possible endings you can use. Once done, you have write the novel. This is the fun part of being a writer, since you will be using your creative minds to your story. Typically, writing the opening chapter is a sort of introduction to all characters you have created and the settings of the novel, too.

Writing mysteries should be written in details. You have to write down clear pictures of the settings so that readers will understand the story. You may also describe the feeling of the victims before they get killed and describe the whole setting. You can add unexpected twists and something that can throw the readers off track.

Once you have done everything in your story, you may now check your work. Read the whole story and change something you do not like. There are some books that have been re written many times. In this case, you may need some help by a friend, a fellow writer, a teacher or relative to check your work. They can give you some suggestions for improvements and to help you produce the best work.

Most of the time, adults are good in detecting some mistakes especially the spelling and the punctuations. Thus, you can’t take any of their words and need to be harsh on your work. If you want to publish your story, it is best to send it through a publishing company.

Keep in mind to be comfortable with the characters you make. Always keep your novel realistic. Always remember who are your target audience. Of course, teens want something different than adults. It is also important to research on every aspect of the novel.

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